STI is the global leader in developing perimeter fire barrier systems for sealing the void area between a fire-rated floor and non-rated exterior wall.

Perimeter fire barrier systems are tested according to ASTM E2307, “Standard Test Method for Determining Fire Resistance of Perimeter Fire Barriers Using Intermediate-Scale, Multi-Story Test Apparatus (ISMA)”. Perimeter fire barriers consist of the assemblage of materials installed into the void area between a fire-rated floor and non-fire-rated exterior wall or curtain wall.

Building codes, such as the IBC, require such systems to be tested according to ASTM E2307.

The ISMA structure is a two-story furnace that subjects a perimeter fire barrier system to fire exposure from two sides simultaneously. It is intended to simulate a building fire where a fire induced window break occurs and the flame plume escapes to impinge directly on the exterior of the curtain wall.